Finance & Legal


Close-up of a person signing a contract Close-up of a person signing a contract Close-up of a person signing a contract

Our Finance and Legal teams play key roles as strategic business partners. Finance teams actively contribute to our business vision and strategy, fostering growth through resource optimisation and insightful data storytelling. Legal teams are in continuous synergy with business and supporting functions, ensuring compliance and safeguarding brand reputation.

Driving growth by optimising resources

Our Finance teams are responsible for leading financial, fiscal and administrative processes and services worldwide, including Safety and Security.  
They optimise financial performance by overseeing the development and monitoring of the control system designed to preserve company assets, and by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Trusted advisors

Our legal professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding the company's interests by managing a wide spectrum of legal matters tied to our business operations. From intellectual property portfolio management to robust brand and data protection, they prevent counterfeiting and stay committed to fast, risk-aligned guidance and support decisions in all regions. 

Ethics & Compliance

At the heart of our operations, our dedicated team ensures our commitment to the legal and ethical principles which are integral to our business and identity. The company’s operations and business practices are fully compliant with national and international laws, widely accepted business practices and our own internal standards.


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