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What is a pre-order?
A pre-ordered item is an item which you have the chance to preview and purchase from the new or limited edition collection before it becomes available on our website or in stores; this means that the item is not immediately available in our warehouse and the shipping time may vary. Your pre-order is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

How can I tell which items are available to pre-order?
You can easily recognise items that can be pre-ordered from the label in the product page.

What are the advantages of buying a pre-ordered item?
The advantage of buying an item in pre-order is that you can guarantee the size or item you want without risking that it runs out as soon as it is available in our warehouse.
Due to high demand, certain items may run out even before they are physically available in stock.

How can I fulfil a payment?
Payment is required at the time of the purchase but the total amount of the order will be charged once the item has been shipped.

Can I combine in-stock and pre-order items?
You can order in-stock and pre-order items in the same order but they will be shipped once all the items are available in stock.

Can I cancel a pre-ordered item?
The terms of the cancellation are the same as for a normal order. You can cancel an order before the shipping process has been initiated by contacting the Customer Service team. Once the shipping process has been initiated and a tracking number has been issued, orders may no longer be modified or cancelled. However, orders may be subsequently returned for refund or exchange (except for fragrance orders). Customised pre-ordered items cannot be returned and are not eligible for refund or exchange.

How long will it take for my pre-order to arrive?
Waiting times vary from article to article. The estimated shipping date is 23 September, but this may vary depending on the arrival in the warehouse. Standard delivery timelines will apply from the moment the pre-ordered product is shipped.

Need further information?
Please contact our Customer Service team by phone at 080 0048 8945 (or +44 020 3808 5090), Monday to Friday from 9AM to 7PM and Saturday from 9AM to 4PM, or by email at