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Eden High Jewellery platinum convertible tiara with emeralds and diamonds, Bulgari logo backdrop.

Jubilee Emerald Garden

In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II has become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth. Paying homage to such an iconic protagonist of our times, Bulgari created the Jubilee Emerald Garden tiara, a creation as unique as the legendary woman who inspired it.

 Jubilee Emerald Garden platinum tiara with carved emerald and diamonds, part of Eden High Jewellery Collection.



Featuring an exquisite combination of exceptional colour and weight, the precious emerald chosen for this one-of-a-kind jewellery piece boasts incredible 63,44 carats, an intense shade of green and an excellent transparency.



A little, special surprise adding a contemporary twist to a timeless piece: with a flawlessly integrated discreet mechanism, the tiara can be converted into a regal necklace, gently sitting on the neckline with its supple yet solid structure.



The central emerald is highlighted by a precious bouquet of emeralds and diamonds, all flawlessly hand-set by an expert artisan who mastered the best possible light refraction for each single gemstone.

Model wearing the Jubilee Emerald Garden High Jewellery platinum tiara with emeralds and diamonds.

An invitation to discover the unrivalled beauty of an enchanting garden, the stunning emerald features an elegant carved flower motif. Carved stones come only from Jaipur, according to a tradition that reaches back to the Mughal Empire of the 16th century, which in turn took inspiration from the Persian art and its lively floral patterns.

Making of the Jubilee Emerald Garden High Jewellery platinum tiara with emeralds and diamonds, close up.

As a further reference to the celebrations of this exceptional Platinum Jubilee, the Jubilee Emerald Garden tiara is crafted in platinum, while its floral design refers both to the main inspiration of the Bulgari Eden, The Garden of Wonders High Jewellery collection and the motifs rooted in the Mughal tradition. A masterpiece of craft which required 1,500 hours to complete.

A Precious Match

Divas' Dream High Jewellery watch in white gold with diamonds and eight fan-shaped emeralds.

In keeping with this celebratory theme, Bulgari presents an exclusive Divas’ Dream High Jewellery watch that matches the magnificent tiara. Crafted in 18 kt white gold and set with 8 Zambian emeralds (18.40 ct) as well as with 27.5 carats of diamonds, the exquisite timepiece offers an incredibly precious interpretation of the collection’s signature fan-shaped motif, inspired by the decorative floor mosaics of Rome’s ancient Caracalla Baths.

Making of the Divas' Dream High Jewellery white gold watch with diamonds and emeralds, close up.

The dazzling High Jewellery watch required the work of five master artisans and about 1,000 hours to be completed. The enchanting emeralds have been artfully cut to fit the ultra-feminine lines of the iconic fan shape, while their tiny and unique inclusions make each stone individual, powerful and more vibrant – offering an exclusive glimpse into a precious "garden".