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jewelry care instructions


Your Bulgari jewel is a precious and refined piece. By taking a few precautions in using and maintaining it, you will be able to preserve its original beauty over time.

• Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly. You can use a very soft brush and soapy water to clean it, then rinse your piece with clean lukewarm water. Jewels with leather parts can be cleaned with a soft cloth. We recommend that you bring your jewels to a Bulgari Store annually, to have them checked, professionally cleaned and restored.

• Consider removing your jewellery before going to sleep, practicing any sport, washing your hands or using corrosive products. Avoid contact with Fragrance, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine and keep your pieces away from intense sources of heat and extreme temperature changes.

• Prevent damage or loss of your jewels by storing them individually in their original box or pouch after wearing them; contact with other jewellery pieces could cause scratches. Chains should be closed and laid flat to avoid them becoming tangled.

• If your jewellery suffers a shock or hit, the stone setting may need to be checked. Avoid forcing clasps, joints and metal frames and be sure to check that the clasp and safety latch close properly. If you have any concerns, you should not wear your jewel until you have had it checked by an expert in a Bulgari store.

• Necklace and bracelet clasps should be fastened around the chain next to a Bulgari loop rather than onto the loop itself. This allows for more flexibility, comfort of wearing and less strain on the clasp.

• Bangles are secured best by pressing the clasp buttons and aligning the two sides correctly when closing. It is ideal for someone to assist you when putting on and taking off most jewels certainly until you are able to do so yourself with ease.

• Earring backs have a flat side with Bulgari engravings and a domed side which is smooth. The domed side should rest against your ear. The earring back has two buttons which need to be pressed in order to pass over the security stopper at the end of the earring post. Using the earring back the wrong way around or forcing the back onto the post may result in it becoming stuck or weakened.

• B.zero1 tubogas style rings have a spring design in the middle giving them a unique style and movement. This ring should be pushed on from the outer cap and pulled off from the inner cap so that the internal spring is never being stretched.

• Any rings with delicate designs, moving pieces or gems all around should be worn on occasion and with due care. Avoid impact, heavy lifting or repetitive metal to metal contact in order to maintain the longevity of your jewel and reduce the frequency of servicing.