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Every wonderland calls for a couple of whimsical wings, dream-like colours and stardust sparkling with the same precious glow of diamonds. The Fairy Wings necklace embraces all the magic of a Bvlgari High Jewelry creation featuring a spectacular gemstone rainbow set amongst a romantic butterfly design - an endlessly precious realm of pure fantasy.

Enchanting Fairy Wings necklace from the Bulgari Cinemagia collection. Discover gems and design.



Eight different gems showcasing nature's true wonder: one oval topaz (27.28 ct), one oval rubellite (22.98 ct), one oval citrine quartz (21.92 ct), one oval amethyst (17.98 ct), one oval pink morganite (16.71 ct), one oval iolite (16.09 ct), one oval green quartz (14.83 ct) and one oval apatite (5.21 ct)



The voluptuous cushion-cut unrestrainedly unleashes the inner light, glow and personality of every single gem. Unbridled beauty.



The butterfly design encompasses 4 rubellite beads, 4 peridot beads and a precious pavé-set diamond with ultimate perfection.

Model wearing a necklace from the Cinemagia High Jewelry collection with precious and semi-precious stones.

Making the impossible possible, Bvlgari shapes dreams through jewelry, creating marvelous and unexpected worlds beyond the ordinary, only comparable to those in a fairy tale or a movie.

Bulgari craftsmen celebrate jewelry design and incredible colors thanks to their savoir-faire.

Bvlgari combines the countless hues found in nature to spark joy reminiscent of La Dolce Vita with unmistakable Roman flair. Playfully mixing up the most dramatic nuances with a vibrant gemstone palette, only the finest designers possess the know how to balance multiple degrees of clarity with a spectacular chromatic effect in a complex game of colours.