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Eden High Jewellery platinum necklace with emeralds and diamonds, Bulgari logo backdrop, close up.

Emerald Venus


A hymn to nature driven by boundless imagination, where beauty is synonymous with unique creativity. The Emerald Venus necklace is inspired by a luxuriant Mediterranean plant called Capelvenere, Italian for “Venus’s hair”, famous for the delicate elegance of its leaves as well as its evocative name, which refers to the Roman goddess of beauty.

Emerald Venus Eden High Jewellery platinum necklace with a central emerald, emerald beads and diamonds.



Taking center stage with its elegant and perfectly proportioned cut, the 19.30-ct octagonal Colombian emerald shines with its precious color and refined shape.



Shining with more than 70.00 carats of diamonds, each skillfully mounted to best release its precious sparkle, the necklace is a triumph of light as well as a masterpiece of gem-setting.



Brimming with an endless array of original shapes and forms, nature is boundless source of inspiration for Bulgari. Translating its one-of-a-kind beauty into a unique design, the Roman Jeweler captures the natural grace of the Capelvenere plant in a dynamic necklace.

Model wearing the Eden High Jewellery platinum necklace with emeralds and diamonds, close up.

Boasting a distinctive design and magnificent craftsmanship, the necklace embodies the perfect union between the beauty of nature and human artistry. The energy of the natural world seems to flow within each single branch, from the tiniest diamond-set leaf (a total of 71.24 carats) to the 62 enchanting emerald beads (130.77 ct), which add volume and color to the composition.

Making of the Emerald Venus platinum High Jewellery necklace with emeralds and diamonds, close up.

A true challenge in terms of movement and balance, the necklace took 1,600 hours to complete. Each branch cascades over the neck with unique grace, flowing harmoniously and providing precious elegance. A rich design made soft and incredibly dynamic by the skilled hands of Bulgari's expert craftsmen.

A Precious Match

Emerald Venus High Jewelry watch in platinum with diamonds, emeralds and mint green tourmalines.

The Emerald Venus High Jewellery watch – like the namesake necklace – is an invitation to discover the fountains, statues and secret paths that make up this dreamlike world inspired by Rome’s spectacular gardens. A piece of heaven on earth portrayed through the evocative language of gemstones.

Making of the Emerald Venus High Jewelry platinum watch with diamonds and emeralds, close up.

With its geometric patterns and alluring design, this High Jewellery masterpiece crafted in platinum plays on the timeless combination of emeralds and diamonds, enlivened by the vibrant accents of the mint green tourmalines framing the snow-set dial. A celebration of the preciousness of time through Bulgari’s unique mastery of volumes, shapes and exquisite gemstones.