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Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry necklace in white gold with emeralds and diamonds, close up shot.

Emeralds Forever


Precious stones transformed into a wearable dream: Bvlgari’s vision of beauty often begins with the remarkable nature of a gemstone. Like an A-list actress elevates a film, a one-of-a-kind gemstone instills a jewelry design with unparalleled glamour: its inner glow, rarity and unique character inspire the entire creation. Bvlgari especially enjoys creating this effect with emeralds, a gem particularly beloved by the Roman Jeweler for its natural elegance and profound soul.

Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry necklace in 18 kt white gold with emeralds and diamonds.



With more than 36 carats of creatively set cushion-cut Colombian emeralds, the necklace harmonizes classic gem combinations with unexpected design, and timeless elegance with Bvlgari extravagance.



Stone cutting is a quest to bring out the individual character of each gem: with their soft and sophisticated outline, cushion-shaped gemstones are the emblems of timeless elegance.



Bvlgari’s gem hunters have spent about a year patiently assembling the perfect gem set. Over 900 hours of exquisite craftsmanship turned these extraordinary gems into the neckace's legendary stars.

Sketch of the Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry necklace in white gold with emeralds and diamonds.

Reimagining the classic combination of diamonds and emeralds into an unforeseen shape, the necklace embraces architectural design, incredible gems and unstoppable inventiveness all at once: timelessly elegant with a dash of extravagance, the piece is an extraordinary exercise in molding volumes and stones into a perfectly balanced ornament. More than 44 carats of emeralds are fervently set, creating sensational geometric combinations that stir surprise and emotion.

Large emerald-cut Bvlgari emerald, close-up shot.

Timeless, utterly precious and ferociously glamorous: Bvlgari’s Magnificent Creations are one-of-a-kind High Jewelry pieces inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the most precious gemstones. Born of the spectacular encounter between nature’s most dazzling wonders and a Roman sense of beauty, each creation is unique, fabulous and truly magnificent.