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Magnificent Creations High Jewelry platinum necklace with one central emerald, smaller emeralds and diamonds, close-up shot.

Manhattan Party


Manhattan was undoubtedly party central in the 80s. With its countless restaurants, bars and clubs, New York City's epic nightlife set the standard for the international social scene, revolutionizing the music and dance culture. Attracted by the glamorous and extravagant spirit of "The City That Never Sleeps", many famous faces graced the dance floor throughout these fabulous years, inspiring Bvlgari to create this exciting design.

Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry platinum necklace with one central emerald, smaller emeralds and diamonds.



A true rarity among the highest quality Colombian emeralds, the cushion cut confers a sophisticated aura to the gem, delighting jewelry connoisseurs with its extraordinary shape.



Fluid and perfectly calibrated cuts are a key element in fashioning Bvlgari gems: light and color flow through the entire jewel, while the three-dimensionality of the central emerald is embraced by a lively setting. A harmonious masterpiece demanding an incredible 1450 hours of exquisite craftsmanship.



Sparkling and dancing in the breeze, the delicate diamond leaves cascade from the necklace's chain to produce a spectacle of refined reflections and sensual movements.

Sketch of the Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry platinum necklace with emeralds and diamonds.

Leaves swaying with every movement of the body, three-dimensional petals embrace a fabulous cushion-cut emerald and fancy-shaped diamonds, artfully set into a piece with exceptional movement and sparkle: every aspect of the design is devoted to aesthetic pleasure. With about 200 diamonds, all mounted to illuminate the exquisite centerpiece, the necklace encapsulates the flawless synergy between the expert hands of the Maison’s stone hunters and the creative vision of its designers.

Large emerald-cut Bvlgari emerald, close-up shot.

Timeless, utterly precious and ferociously glamorous: Bvlgari’s Magnificent Creations are one-of-a-kind High Jewelry pieces inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the most precious gemstones. Born of the spectacular encounter between nature’s most dazzling wonders and a Roman sense of beauty, each creation is unique, fabulous and truly magnificent.