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Magnificent Creations High Jewelry platinum necklace with one central sapphire, smaller sapphires and diamonds.

The Star of Venice


Bvlgari and the stars: a passionate relationship that started in Rome, passed through Hollywood and soon became a global affair. Making an imaginary stop in Venice, the Roman Jeweler pays homage to Italy’s most famed international film festival, where Bvlgari has inevitably cemented some of the most memorable red carpet entrances: like the necklace’s spectacular sapphire, unforgettable divas have sparkled with Roman glamour at the heart of the lagoon.

Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry necklace in platinum with one central sapphire, smaller sapphires and diamonds.



A deep color, perfect proportions and an inner vibrancy: the 23.67 ct royal blue sapphire charms all the senses with its magnificent beauty. A masterpiece requiring 1100 hours of incredibly skilled work by hand.



Deep and profound like the sea, elegant and enveloping like velvet, royal blue is the most coveted shade in the world of sapphires. An intense color, rich in saturation, as sensual as it is glamorous.



A geometrical chain flows into fluid diamond rows, while buff-top sapphires elegantly disrupt a diamond layout: every detail is meant to highlight the central blue sapphire - the necklace’s utmost star.

Large oval-cut Bvlgari sapphire, close-up shot.

Inspired by the overwhelming extravaganza and sophisticated elegance of Venice, Bvlgari placed a 23.67 ct sapphire at the core of the necklace, stealing the spotlight like the divas that walked on the lagoon’s red carpet. Embraced by a fluid and perfectly balanced design, the gem flaunts an octagonal shape recalled by the geometric links of the dazzling chain, while sensual diamond threads confer a regal aura to the piece.

Large oval-cut Bvlgari sapphire, close-up shot.

Timeless, utterly precious and ferociously glamorous: Bvlgari’s Magnificent Creations are one-of-a-kind High Jewelry pieces inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the most precious gemstones. Born of the spectacular encounter between nature’s most dazzling wonders and a Roman sense of beauty, each creation is unique, fabulous and truly magnificent.