Bulgari jewels and recommandation to keep its original splendour over time

  • Your BVLGARI jewel is a precious and refined piece and proper care in its use and handling is required in order to keep its original splendour over time.
  • Clean the piece of jewellery in lukewarm water and soap with a soft brush, excluding jewels with leather parts, which have to be cleaned with a soft cloth
  • Keep the piece of jewellery in its original case and/or pochette after use. Always place your jewellery on a soft surface
  • Avoid contact with other jewellery and other metal objects. The friction can deteriorate the jewel’s shine.
  • Avoid forcing clasps, joints and metal frames.
  • Prevent damage or loss of your jewellery by storing it safely before practising any sport.
  • If your jewellery suffers a shock or hit, the setting of the stones may have to be checked to prevent their loss.
  • Avoid contact with perfume, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine.
  • Bring jewels to a BVLGARI boutique for a periodic check and professional cleaning.