Recommandation to costumer ensure the perfect condition and operation of Watches


Important recommendations to ensure the perfect condition and functioning of your precious watch over time.

  • Watches that are worn in water should be checked regularly for water resistance
  • Water resistant watches must be washed with running lukewarm water after having contact with seawater
  • Avoid exposing your watch to sudden temperature changes (sauna, Jacuzzi, hot springs, etc.)
  • After adjusting the hour/date on models that have a crown security closing system, the crown must be tightened again
  • Before any contact with water, check that the crown and push buttons are properly closed
  • To prevent damage to the movement, avoid adjusting the date between 9.00 pm and 03.00 am
  • In Chrono watches, avoid using the chronograph pointer as a second hand as it may affect the watch timing rate accuracy
  • Protect your watch from violent shocks. It is not recommended to wear your watch while practising sports such as tennis or golf unless your watch is intended for sports use
  • Protect your mechanical watch from negative magnetism effects by placing it away from strong magnetic sources, such as microwaves, TVs, loudspeakers, etc.
  • Perform the recommended maintenance services every two and four years to ensure the perfect condition and life span of your watch
  • Always bring your purchase warranty and/or your repair warranty card when bringing the watch in for service
  • Only take your watch to a Bulgari store or authorised retailer to ensure the watch is serviced by a Bulgari authorised service centre