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B.zero1 Necklace


Ref . 350053

B.zero1 Necklace

Ref . 350053

B.zero1 necklace with 18 kt rose gold chain and round pendant with two 18 kt rose gold loops set with pavé diamonds on the edges and a white ceramic spiral.

CAD$ 7,350.00

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Drawing its inspiration from the most renowned amphitheater of the world, the Colosseum, the B.zero1 necklace is a true statement of Bulgari’s creative vision, challenging the very essence of jewellery design. The purity of its distinctive spiral, is a metaphor for the harmony of past, present and future - reflected in the magnificence of the eternal city - and the emblem of the pioneering spirit of the collection.B.zero1 pendant in 18 kt rose gold and white ceramic with pavé diamonds along the edges. 38-45 cm long (14.96-17.70).



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Rose gold, Ceramic



The clock struck a new millennium, and the world welcomed a spiraled Bulgari creation. A visionary ring celebrating eternity and modernity. The design merging the imposing grandeur of Rome’s great Colosseum, the most eternal of all monuments, with the strong lines of modern Italian design.

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