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Jeweller to the stars

During the flourishing Dolce Vita years of the 50's and 60's, Bvlgari definitively came to the attention of the world's elite. This was increased by the city's bustling cinematic traditions and by the American film industry beginning to produce movies and expensive epics in Rome dubbed “Hollywood on the Tiber”.
Legendary movies like Roman Holidays or La Dolce Vita made the Eternal City forever ingrained in the imagination as a magical place to visit at least once in your lifetime.
At the same time, names such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Anita Ekberg and many others discovered the Bvlgari shop in Via Condotti and engaged in a passionate affairs with Bvlgari jewels both on and off the screen.  
Bvlgari creations have starred so far in more than 40 films - from Never so Few with Gina Lollobrigida to Casinò with Sharon Stone and Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise. The pieces have been walked down red carpets at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and film festivals from Cannes to Venice.

Ingrid Bergman in the movie

Hollywood great Ingrid Bergman, in a scene from the movie “The Visit” (1964), wears a parure of gold and diamonds (1954-1958).

Model wearing a Bvlgari serpenti necklace

Model Benedetta Barzini wears Bvlgari Serpenti creations in gold with enamel for a Vogue USA editorial featuring “From Italy: the absolute jewels”.

Model Veruschka wears a Bvlgari sautoir

Model Veruschka wears a Bvlgari sautoir in an image by Franco Rubartelli published in a 1970 issue of Vogue.

Anita Ekberg wearing her Bvlgari earrings

Anita Ekberg wearing her Bvlgari earrings at the première of the movie Boccaccio 70 in Rome, 1961.

Gina Lollobrigida wearing her Bulgari earrings

Gina Lollobrigida wearing her Bulgari earrings, 1967. 


Elizabeth Taylor wearing Bvlgari jewels
The Bulgari Emerald Brooch The Bulgari Emerald Earings A 23.44 carat Emerald and Diamond Pendant Brooch by Bvlgari

 Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery collection was renowned as one of the greatest ever assembled.
The film star was a passionate admirer of Bvlgari jewels and owned many unique pieces that are representative of the brand’s creativity.
Indeed, the bold and sumptuous style of Bvlgari perfectly matched her particular tastes and when the actress came to Rome to film Cleopatra, the affinity with the brand became a lifelong relationship.
Recalling the memorable moments spent at the Condotti store, Taylor stated that "undeniably one of the biggest advantages to filming Cleopatra in Rome was Bvlgari’s shop".
This predilection was encouraged by her love affair with Richard Burton, which started on a film set and sealed with magnificent Bvlgari jewels.
Burton quickly learned about her fascination for jewels and took every opportunity to  gift her a fabulous new piece.
In 2011, Christie’s held a sale of Taylor’s private collection which set records as the most valuable sale of jewellery in auction history.
The Maison re-acquired nine pieces, as of today, which became part of the Bvlgari Heritage Collection. This best represents Taylor’s love for the brand and her unerring collector’s eye.

Necklace in platinum with emeralds and diamonds

Necklace in platinum with emeralds and diamonds, 1962. The pendant may be worn separetely as a brooch. Bvlgari Heritage Collection.

Ring in platinum with emerald and diamonds

Ring in platinum with emerald and diamonds, 1961. Bvlgari Heritage Collection.

Sautoir in platinum with sapphires and diamonds

Sautoir in platinum with sapphires and diamonds, 1969. Bvlgari Heritage Collection.

Trombino ring in platinum with sapphire and diamonds

Trombino ring in platinum with sapphire and diamonds, 1971. Bvlgari Heritage Collection.

Necklace in gold with Byzantine gold coins and diamonds

Necklace in gold with Byzantine gold coins and diamonds, 1975. Bvlgari Heritage Collection.

Mirror in gold with turquoise

Mirror in gold with turquoise, 1962. Bvlgari Heritage Collection.

Stars shine in Bvlgari

The magic liaison of Bvlgari with the movie world is still a great source of inspiration and pride. Be it to celebrate romances, gracing outfits on movie sets, or purchased as self-gratification pieces, Bulgari jewels continue to adorn the most charismatic contemporary divine celebrities on and off the screen exalting their innate allure.

Bvlgari History

Bvlgari History



Bvlgari & Rome

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