Product Design & Development


Close up on a designer's hand while drawing Close up on a designer's hand while drawing Close up on a designer's hand while drawing

Product Design & Development teams envision and bring new creations to life. From the sketches and research of exclusive materials to the shaping of our prototypes, the entire process combines distinctive creativity, exceptional expertise, and specific savoir-faire.

Design beyond imagination

When we design, our entire being works in harmony: head, heart and hands are in synergy. Every Bvlgari creation is a blend of timeless elegance, sophisticated materials and contemporary, vibrant designs inspired by Roman heritage and our sense of beauty.

Sophisticated materials and ethical origins

The daring combination of colors and unexpected materials leads to Bvlgari audacious and magnificent creations. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, Bvlgari emphasizes ethical practices by directly purchasing raw materials, including exquisite gemstones: this meticulous selection process ensures not only the quality of the materials, but also aligns with the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

From vision to life

The New Product Development process brings forward thinking concepts to life, fully conveying Bvlgari designers’ vision, while prototypes respect our distinctive aesthetic. Embracing these essential steps is paramount for guaranteeing a future manufacturing process that honours time constraints, financial parameters and the overall efficiency of operations.


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