Close up on the assembly of an Octo Finissimo mechanism Close up on the assembly of an Octo Finissimo mechanism Close up on the assembly of an Octo Finissimo mechanism

Bvlgari manufacturing sites are the beating heart of our production process, where expert artisans infuse their mastery into our exquisite pieces. Collaborating seamlessly with our design teams, they bring innovative ideas to reality, always exceeding the highest quality and standards. Our Production teams offer invaluable insights into innovative engineering technologies, championing sustainable development and improving the whole process day by day.


All Bvlgari jewellery creations are crafted exclusively in Italy: High Jewellery in Rome and Fine Jewellery in Valenza, a pole of goldsmith excellence since the Renaissance. Our goal is not only to support the growing global demand for timeless jewellery in the medium-to-long term, but also to continue investing in the genius and expertise that have made Italian craftsmanship famous worldwide. 


Leather Goods & Accessories

For Bvlgari Leather Goods, the production site is located in the Florence leather district, while silk production is based in Como. The accessories manufacturing site is the heart of our finest collections and the home of the complete creative process. This ultimately results in magnificent concepts inspired by our precious jewellery pieces. 


Watches are made entirely in Switzerland, the watchmaking capital of the world. Bvlgari crafts ultra-complex timepieces from design and development to production and assembly. Our craftspeople work to produce movements, cases, bracelets and dials; their precise manufacturing expertise helping to create the finest of complications, guaranteeing Swiss-level precision with the distinctive Italian style.


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