Innovation & IT


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Our Innovation & IT teams are responsible for digitalisation and innovation road mapping, as well as assessing new business opportunities, leading technological advancements, fostering new collaborative methods, developing new and competitive skill mix compositions and ensuring a solid IT infrastructure.


Within our cutting-edge Digital Factory, our teams support the development of our innovation ecosystem. By exploring new technologies, collaborating with universities and start-ups and participating in inspirational events, such as VivaTech, our teams have adopted a client-centric approach and are continuously improving the client experience.

Digital transformation

By identifying and implementing new digital tools and processes to enhance operational efficiency, our teams are spokespersons for digital transformation. From automation solutions to advanced analytics and cloud computing, we drive innovation and enhance our overall organisational performance. 


Data plays a pivotal role at Bvlgari and our Data Scientist professionals guarantee the application of a coordinated and agile structure to data management while fostering a data-driven culture at all levels. This approach ensures clear and constant insight into our markets while sharpening our decision-making process.

Cross-functional approach

Through a wide spectrum of cross-functional projects, our Innovation & IT teams promote an agile and polyvalent mindset within the Company, encouraging skills contamination. They prioritize adaptability and flexibility in responding to changes, including market dynamics, customer needs, and internal processes.


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