Human Resources


Bvlgari employees standing on the stairs Bvlgari employees standing on the stairs Bvlgari employees standing on the stairs

Our Human Resources teams play a pivotal role in attracting and nurturing top-tier international talent, in alignment with the Bvlgari mission and core values. Our commitment extends to providing a connected, meaningful, and constructive journey, adhering to our brand heritage and values, fostering a collaborative and safe work culture and fully embracing ESG principles.  

Inclusive excellence

We promote an environment where diversity and inclusion are celebrated, and where excellence is achieved through distinctive contributions from our people. Our HR professionals focus on attracting and retaining talent from different backgrounds and with varying perspectives and experiences.

Continuous Learning & Development

At Bvlgari, we encourage a culture of continuous learning by encouraging employees to develop their skill mix and to master their craft. Our talent development programmes are complemented by learning, thus enriching expertise through managerial and leadership development and fostering a culture of incremental growth and a forward-thinking mindset.  

Talent recognition and mobility

HR teams are dedicated to the principle of fair recognition, ensuring that Bvlgari employees are valued through equitable HR processes. To prioritise our employees’ professional growth, we also offer several internal mobility opportunities within Bvlgari and LVMH, thus encouraging a dynamic career journey within our global ecosystem. 

Organisational agility

We embrace agility by being responsive to evolving industry and market dynamics. Our teams adapt organisational strategy and structures accordingly, supported by effective internal communication channels. This integrated approach helps Bvlgari to remain flexible, innovative, and well-connected across all our regions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Bvlgari is a living commitment towards the improvement of the quality of life through ethical practices, social and economic development and environmental principles. This is a joint effort between Bvlgari and the surrounding community.


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