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Close-up of the Cinemagia High Jewellery Necklace Night at the Casino with mandarin garnets, amethysts, diamonds and turquoise elements.

Night at the Casino


Ultimate beauty is a matter of taking risks. With fun and fantasy, the Night at the Casino necklace encapsulates a kaleidoscopic design of vivid gemstones inspired by the iconic roulette wheel, turning the excitement of the famous game into a surprising play of shapes, volumes and colours. A thrilling combination of fun, risk and a bit of folly, the necklace unleashes the bewitching state of euphoria that arises when the unexpected occurs.

Enchanting Night at the Casino necklace from the Bulgari Cinemagia collection. Discover its secrets.



A vibrant mandarin garnet totalling 16.85 ct steals the spotlight with its excellent cut, flawless transparency and exceptional size.



Exciting combinations devoted to ultimate aesthetic pleasure: 3 cushion-cut mandarin garnets (3.37 ct), 19 fancy-cut amethysts (7.52 ct), pavé diamonds and turquoise elements infuse with vibrancy on both the chain and the pendant.



The necklace can be worn backwards, for an irreverently glamorous style.

Model wearing  a white gold Cinemagia High Jewellery sautoir with mandarin garnets, amethysts, diamonds and turquoises.

In 1995, Bvlgari jewels starred in the epic Las Vegas crime drama “Casino”. In a subtle nod to this legendary appearance on the silver screen, the Night At The Casino necklace blurs the boundaries between game and fiction, imagination and reality. Like the unexpected nature of the casino, the piece can be worn backwards, tight on the neck or sensually dangling over the décolleté: whatever the style, Bvlgari women should always play by their own rules.

Colours explode in Bulgari's enchanting designs.

Mandarin garnets have long been revered as protective stones for their power to light up the night and watch over explorers and travelers: no wonder they are amongst Bvlgari’s favourite gemstones. Celebrated with colours, sensual volumes and geometric flair, the extraordinary 16.85 ct mandarin garnet is highlighted with an exquisite frame of turquoises, diamonds and amethysts – honouring once more Bvlgari’s love affair with the legendary gem.