Diamond color

​Color grading represents a fundamental element of the diamond. Less color means more value and rarity. Even though many diamonds appear colorless to the inexperienced eye, most stones have a color veering slightly towards yellow or brown. The value of a diamond can vary considerably with even the slightest increase in yellow or brown.

When you say diamond, people usually picture a round brilliant-cut diamond, which has 58 carefully aligned facets (57 if the culet is excluded). However, the majority of the world’s most famous diamonds are fancy cut. Bvlgari’s jewelry collection features several fancy-cut diamonds, including the emerald, pear, oval, and heart. A fancy-cut diamond must not only be symmetrical, but also gracefully elegant and attractive: what Bvlgari buyers refer to as “visual appeal.” Bvlgari’s fancy-cut diamonds not only have the best proportions and finish to ensure maximum brilliance and dispersion, but they also have the right “visual appeal”.

Image representing diamond clarity.
Diamond clarity