Le Magnifiche Creazioni Necklace

High Jewellery necklace in 18 kt white gold set with 9 antique cushion-shaped emeralds (14.670 ct, 4.308 ct, 3.817 ct, 2.592 ct, 2.413 ct, 2.345 ct, 2.296 ct, 2.029 ct, 1.964 ct), 82 buff-top emeralds (9.03 ct), 4 pear-shaped diamonds (D-F IF-VVS 2.00 ct), 96 step-cut diamonds (F-G VVS-VS 3.64 ct), round brilliant-cut and pavé diamonds (D-F IF-VVS 46.38 ct)

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Precious stones transformed into a wearable dream: Bvlgari’s vision of beauty often begins with the remarkable nature of a gemstone. Like an A-list actress elevates a film, a one-of-a-kind gemstone instils a jewellery design with unparalleled glamour: its inner glow, rarity and unique character inspire the entire creation. Bvlgari especially enjoys creating this effect with emeralds, a gem particularly beloved by the Roman Jeweller for its natural elegance and profound soul.



Material:White gold

Colour:Green, White