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Bvlgari takes concrete initiatives to protect the environment, fight climate change and preserve natural resources. The Group seeks to actively drive continuous improvement of environmental conditions to benefit its customers, employees and the broader community.

Bvlgari is proactively coordinating actions and projects to adopt the best ecological practices at all levels of production and management. The Group has defined targets and objectives for the business to drive continous environmental performance improvements and has developed specific programs to promote environmental awareness among employees and external stakeholders. Environmental performances are disclosed annualy through the LVMH Environmental Report. The CSR programmes operate in conjunction with the LVMH group’s sustainability programmes.

LIFE (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) offers a systemic approach to environmental issues and prioritizes action areas that are closely linked to the challenges that the luxury industry faces. Bvlgari's environmental commitment is expressed in its Environmental Policy, signed by the CEO. The Policy highlights the main environmental targets and projects on which Bvlgari is focusing.


LIFE (LVMH Initiatives for the Environment) is a project launched in 2012 with a clear objective: to elevate the environment within the agenda of LVMH Maisons and to incorporate environmental performance as a natural component of product excellence and brand desirability.

LIFE defined key environmental issues at Group level 9, directly related to the challenges of the luxury industry. Each year, Bvlgari submits an environmental report concerning its offices and production sites to the LVMH Group. For more information, see the documents available here.

Bvlgari building

LVMH, supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and has launched a review aimed at assessing the contribution of its LIFE Program to the SDG. More than 150 measures, covering 12 objectives and 34 targets, have been reviewed in detail. Analyses showed that the Group made a particularly large contribution in two areas: responsible consumption (Goal 12) and combating climate change (Goal 13).

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