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Le Magnifiche Creazioni Necklace


Ref . 260504

Le Magnifiche Creazioni Necklace

Ref . 260504

With the most amazing emeralds, set on a stately chain and married with diamonds into a timeless design, the Gemme principesche necklace sparkles with royal magnificence.

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  • Description
    The Gemme Principesche necklace is part of the Magnifiche Creazioni collection, Bulgari’s most timeless, most fantastic High Jewellery pieces, featuring rare, alluring and perfectly unique gemstones. Balanced with a timeless perfection, this creation is inspired by the romantic idea of jewels fit for a princess, to be passed on for generations and sparking with preciousness and royal allure. High Jewellery necklace in platinum with 7 cushion shaped emeralds (56.4 ct), fancy shaped step cut diamonds and pavé diamonds (19.23 ct).
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  • Inspiration
    Before Italy became a republic, it was not a kingdom but an ensemble of principati, where the most prestigious families held the power resulting in acquiring the title of princes and princesses. Rome was at the heart of this system, housing the most ancient and powerful families of all the principati. By the nature of these families’ esteemed position, they had the privilege of enjoying the finest things in life. Ownership of unique jewels and precious stones could in fact endorse a family’s power, and build its legacy. Bulgari is inspired by the romantic idea of jewels fit for a princess, intended for royalty alone – jewels of prestige to be passed on for generations. Le Gemme Principesche sparkles with this royal notion, as its preciousness, femininity and strength are featured in designs of Bulgari magnificence.