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warranty card


For the purchase of any new Bulgari timepiece you will receive a digital warranty card. The Bulgari warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase. It will be registered in the Bulgari network and accessible and honored worldwide from any Bulgari boutiques. The digital warranty card guarantees the purchase date and authenticity of a timepiece and covers all manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover normal wear of the case, metal or leather watchband, crown and glass. It is not valid in case of loss, theft, improper use, negligence or attempts to repair by unauthorized persons.

You should keep your digital warranty card as you would keep your warranty booklet. Using a QR code or NFC reader on your digital warranty card, you will access detailed information on your watch and user manuals.

If you bought your Bulgari timepiece online, the digital warranty card will be activated through our E-Commerce Center before it is shipped with the timepiece. For timepieces purchased prior to the launch of the digital warranty program, the warranty booklet is still valid.

If the card is lost or for any other issue, please contact one of our Bulgari Boutiques or contact our Customer Service team.