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Olfactory expertise

The new book The Perfume of Gems

The Perfume of Gems is Bvlgari's first book that focuses on the Maison's olfactory expertise and its intertwined connection with jewels. In The Perfume of Gems, editor Simone Marchetti guides the reader through the worlds of colour, jewellery and fragrance to showcase the creative process behind designing a scent. By touching on the Roman jeweller's origins, he explores the intimate bonds that connect Rome, the gem roads, and the world of perfumes: defining the powerful link between Bvlgari's high perfumery and high jewellery collections. Fragrances from Bvlgari's Le Gemme range are captured in an entirely new light by photographer Michael Pudelka, telling the story of how Bvlgari's master perfumers travel the world in search of extraordinary 'gems of nature'.

Through a combination of images and words, and with a range of creative contributors, The Perfume of Gems captures the the sensory and emotional complexity of a perfume in a way that feels unique, unconventional and – ultimately – Bvlgari. Editor Simone Marchetti, in collaboration with the anthropologist and philosopher Annick Le Guérer and photographer Michal Pudelka managed to create a fascinating tapestry of cultural references, linking natural gems, precious stones and mankind with an emotional reading and powerful images.