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Bulgari & Serpenti: 75 Years of Infinite Tales

Celebrating its 75 years of endless transformation, Bulgari invites you to discover a wonderful selection of unique pieces from the iconic Serpenti collection that will be on display in our Bulgari boutique in Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia, 74). A journey through the evolution of Serpenti jewelry and watches, as well as the interpretation of this icon by the artist Ignasi Monreal.

From October 10th to November 30th 2023.

Two hands wearing Serpenti jewels.
Two hands wearing Serpenti jewels.


A universal symbol of rebirth, transformation and evolution, the snake has been a powerful icon throughout the centuries, full of meaning and aesthetic appeal. Since 1948, this enigmatic motif has also become a source of inspiration for Bulgari, coming to life in its iconic Serpenti collection. The impressive pieces on display date back to the 40s, 50s and 60s, offering a clear evolution in the design of the icon by the brand: from watches with round, square and rectangular cases and dials, to the watch case hidden in the snake’s head, as well as the use of satin gold, precious gems, emeralds and striking colors. These unique pieces are made with the mythical Tubogas technique, which consists of wrapping and interlacing long strips of metal without welding, providing extreme versatility, ergonomics and flexibility.


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the iconic Serpenti collection, the magnificent Serpenti Rubellite Gaze necklace and bracelet of High Jewellery are presented in an unprecedented way during this exhibition. Inspired by the captivating gaze of the mythical creatures of ancient Greece, the necklace features an elegant two-headed snake design intertwined as if they were the guardian of the impressive rubellite, becoming a symbol of protection and seduction, and representing the metamorphosis of Bulgari’s most iconic figure.


The collaboration between Bulgari and Ignasi Monreal explores how the expressive potential of the Serpenti icon is manifested both in the past and today, through the wonderful reinterpretation of the famous work of art called "Myth of Cadmus and Harmony". After receiving a cursed necklace as a wedding gift, Cadmus lived so many tragedies that he only wanted to transform himself into a snake, until one day his wish turned into reality. When his wife Harmony saw him, she pleaded with the gods to allow her to share the same fate as her beloved husband and also became a snake. In the reinterpretation of this work by the artist Ignasi Monreal it is appreciated as Harmony becomes the center of attention, turning into the Serpenti Rubellite Gaze High Jewellery necklace.